SSSA Registration on SSSA now open!!!

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SSSA Registration on SSSA now open!!!

To stay competitive in the 21st century, you have to maximise your online exposure.  The Internet is without a doubt the marketing medium of the future, and having an online footprint, is crucial.  The more ways people have of finding your business online, the better. More hits equals more customers, and who can turn away new customers? 




There are mainly two ways of creating your online footprint:

  • Spend a large amount of money developing and maintaining a huge website, and allocate a substantial portion of your budget to SEO and PPC campaigns, or
  • Register your business on SSSA's unique Online Footprint for a small monthly fee.

When you utilise our marketing principle for online directories, the result is a successful way of marketing, that YOUR business you simply cannot do without.  This principle has already proved itself extensively over and over in various industries.  We exponentially increases the number of routes to your business by combining the following important aspects:

  • The types of services and or products you can provide.
  • The various areas where you are prepared to perform your services and/or provide your products.

Therefore, if your security business offers 5 different products/services in 3 different categories, this creates 15 different ways for people using the Internet to find your business. This is the same as listing your business 15 times on a standard online directories, at an equivalent cost of only R5-R10 per listing per month.

That’s why we believe that our SSSA principle is the ultimate marketing service, providing the best value for money on the internet today.

Of course there are also a number of other reasons to register as well, such as:

  • SSSA provides national footprint giving you the opportunity to widen your business’s client base considerably.
  • SSSA interactively markets your business online to customers looking for your services.
    • We achieve this by allowing Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your business details as a separate destination (to be accessed directly without having to search our website).
    • We also give you the opportunity to choose as many services and areas that you are prepared to service as you like, thereby creating multiple routes on the Internet to your security business.
  • SSSA allows you to accurately place your business on a Google map (making your business easy to find), and also to attach more information and photos regarding your business to your profile.

All businesses, whether small or large, receive exactly the same service. You don’t need to have your own website in order to advertise your business online and rank for local searches. Your profile on SSSA acts as a mini website by itself that helps to promote your brand, and you can also continually improve your profile by updating it and adding photos and or products. SSSA therefore gives small and medium sized companies the opportunity to create an effective online presence.  Alternatively, if you have a large business with branches across South Africa, you can register each branch within the related areas on SSSA to maximise your business’s coverage.

Security Services SA uses an effective internet marketing strategy, incorporating Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) to promote its website.  With our SEO campaign, with time we ensure that all listings are found by local search engines and that all searches related to service providers are targeted, including searches done for locations.

A lot of internet searches are being done by smart phones and mobile devices today, so you can be rest assured that SSSA is fully mobile optimized.  Browing SSSA via handheld device is just as easy as browsing from your computer... ensuring that we don't loose potential clients by forcing them to zoom in and out to find relevant information from their mobile devices.

Registering on SSSA has been opened ONLY to security industry based businesses, and you don’t need a huge advertising budget.  Get TOP Rankings now...


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